Italian Meat Balls

Garlic Paste Ingredients:
1 oz. olive oil
.5 Cups peeled garlic cloves
1 onion, peeled
.5 Cups grated Romano or Parmesan grated cheese
several  fresh basil leaves
several  parsley leaves
1 oz. Italian seasonings

Garlic Paste Procedure:
1. Saute garlic in olive oil for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally,
until soft.
2. put garlic, olive oil, and all remaining ingredients in food processor,
and puree.
3. Set aside.

Main Ingredients:
3 pounds ground beef
8 eggs, well beaten
24 oz. Italian flavored bread crumbs (most of a can)
8 quarts Tomato sauce, preferably home made
garlic paste mixture (See above)
1 oz. olive oil
2 loaves fresh Italian bread

Main Cooking Procedure:
1. Beat all eggs.
2. Add egg mixture to ground beef along with 1/3 Cup garlic paste.
3. Knead in bread crumbs into ground beef mixture until a good texture for
forming meat balls is attained.
4. Roll out meat balls about 2 inches in diameter, or as desired size.
5. Brown meat balls in olive oil in pan, set aside.
6. Add meat balls to tomato sauce in large pot.
8. Simmer for several hours on low heat.
9. Place cooked meat on fresh Italian bread to eat as meat ball heros.
10. Eat and enjoy!!!

Makes about 40 meat balls.

Christine Iurilli