Subject: Low Fat Maccaroni & Cheese Recipe
FYI, For the cooks in the group,
Here is a low fat maccaroni & cheese recipe you may be interested in...
Instead of using flour and butter as usually called for, it substitutes
skim milk and corn starch.
it can also be used to make a white sauce, mushroom sauce, chicken or beef
stock sauce, onion flavored sauce, etc.

2 cups	skim milk
1/4 cup	corn starch (approximately)
2 cups	cheddar cheese, shreaded
1 lb.	maccaroni, cooked
-	pepper to taste
-	any other spices to taste, e.g. dry mustard, garlic powder, etc.
3 lbs. fresh green beans or other vegetables to taste, optional

1. Add cold milk to corn startch in pot.
2. mix thoroughly to eliminate all lumps.
3. Bring to a boil on Medium High heat, stirring constantly.
4. Immediately turn down heat to low, cook about 3 minutes.
5. Add cheese and spices, stir constantly until melted.
6. Cook maccaroni.
7. cut ends off green beans, and cut in half.
8. boil green beans or other vegetables.
9. Pour cheese sauce over cooked maccaroni.
10. Add cooked cut green beans or other vegetables.
11. Serve immediately.

1. Additional corn starch may be added for thicker consistency.
2. 1/4 cup parmesan cheese can be substituted for same amount of cheddar
	cheese for stronger cheese taste.
3. For white sauce, eliminate cheese.
4. For mushroom sauce, instead of 2 cups of skim milk, substitute drained
	liquid from can of mushrooms, in place of equal volume of skim milk,
	then add mushrooms after sauce is cooked.
5. For white basil sauce, add basil, instead of cheese, pour over mashed potatos.
6. For beef stock sauce, substitute beef broth for skim milk.
7. For chicken stock sauce, substitute chicken broth for skim milk.
8. For onion stock sauce, saute diced onions  in non-stick pan, or in 1/4 cup
	water,  substitute chicken or beef broth for skim milk, add onions after
	sauce is cooked.

Serves: 6 adults.

Rating: Easy.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes for sauce.